Outputs and results

Povodí Moravy, s.p. carries out water monitoring within the scope of the Water Act, specified in water management planning documents. Within the framework of this monitoring, it cooperates with other entities (ČHMÚ, MZe, MŽP, etc.). The purchased instrument will significantly speed up and facilitate the necessary analyses as well as the range of possible monitored indicators and variables. This instrument will not only improve the monitoring capabilities of the water management laboratories of Povodí Moravy, s.p., but also the speed and quality of information provided to other partners on the ecological and chemical status and ecological potential of the surface water body. The sensitivity of the monitoring method will also be significantly increased, enabling the capture of pollutants even at very low concentrations, which should be considered significant in terms of environmental burden. At the same time, it will ensure compliance with potential requirements for monitoring and assessment of water quality and status at the level of European and national legislation. It will also enable the design of a monitoring network for the overall monitoring programme system to provide an additional overview of the current status of water and water bodies under the responsibility of Povodí Moravy, s.p. The project will include the acquisition of technical infrastructure: a liquid chromatograph with mass detector (LC MS/MS) and sample pre-treatment equipment (pump, manifold, filtration apparatus, etc.).