Project description summary

Main activity: NF 3.1 – Implementation of projects to improve monitoring of new pollutants under the Water Framework Directive.

In the current conditions, the VH laboratories (Povodí Moravy, s.p.) do not have a suitable infrastructure that would enable the analysis of pollutants according to the List of priority and candidate priority substances and the environmental quality standards (EQS) for them set/proposed and the List of PFAS and the corresponding RPF for conversion to PFOA/ Call3A/with the proposed limit of quantification.

The project aims to achieve a new reduction of the detection limits or limits of quantification for established analytical determinations, which requires the implementation of new procedures on the acquired instrument. This implementation will primarily focus on the priority substances listed in Tab1 with regard to the requirements of the European Directive 2009/90/EC.

The purpose of the project is to develop method(s) for the determination of selected new analytes. In particular the substances listed in Tab2 of Call 3A. The implementation of the project will ensure the monitoring and introduction of new substances into the surface water monitoring programme primarily within the scope of the State Enterprise Povodí Moravy. The monitoring programme is being developed in accordance with the requirements of the Czech legislation, the European Union legislation, in particular Directive 2000/60/EC on water policy.

The project also focuses on its own staff (training and increasing professional qualifications through the use of new technical infrastructure), the general and professional public (measurement results will be made available for further processes within water protection). In the framework of the cooperation with the Universities, education in connection with the project will take place with a professional excursion. The project activities clearly contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Thus, the benefits of the project include new infrastructure and the development of methods for monitoring micropollutants in the aquatic environment, training and qualification of tribal staff of VH laboratories, educational activities associated with promotion, cooperation between NG – SFŽP and PM. Results of own measurements will be provided to the national ARROW database and subsequently the data will be reported at European level.